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U10 + Late Registration Fees Begin December 1st, 2015

U10 + Registration Close: At Age Group coordinator discretion after Jan 1st, 2016

U5-U8 Late Registration Fees Begin December 15, 2015

U10+ 2015 Fall Practice Field Schedule

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer Announcements:

Shrewsbury Youth Soccer 2015 Fall Season - Game Schedules & Standings

Instructions for finding your team schedule: (In Sports Manager)
- Click on 'Schedules/Scores' on the left of the page
- In the 'All Leagues' combo box choose your age group
- In the 'All Teams' combo box choose your team
- Then click the 'Future Schedule' button on the page

SYS encourages all coaches and parents to learn about youth sports concussions on the CDC website and to watch the brief video:



Special Needs Program in Shrewsbury
The Parks and Recreation Department's Special Needs Program is designed to offer athletic and social events for people with intellectual disabilities. Interested individuals can participate in athletic events as part of Special Olympics. Athletes with special needs are welcome as well as typically developing volunteers who would like to participate as a "Unified" partner. The suggested age is 6 and up
The Program is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and volunteer coaches. Parents should contact the Board of Directors as to the suitability of the program for their child. Dances, parties, and "get-togethers" are organized throughout the year. Specific dates and information are listed in upcoming events. Click here to find out more info from the Shrewsbury Parks and Rec.
Special Olympics and Special Needs Program

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